Post 3: How Do Wind Turbines Work? And how Could we use them In different places?

After looking at some comment and questions, I have Decided to expand my design into being mobile, To do this I will need to dive into how wind turbines work, and what type of wind turbine would be useful for this. Wind turbines usually work on one single principle, Unlike fans, that create wind using electricity, Wind turbines make electricity using wind, there are 2 types of wind turbines in shape, Horizontal Axis Turbines, and Vertical Axis Turbines, Horizontal axis turbines are just the normal wind turbines you usually see, the turbine part of the wind turbines facing horizontally. Vertical Wind turbines are much more unique, these types of turbines were invented by a Mr. Georges Darieus, These turbines usually come in several varieties, Including the “Eggbeater” Looking Darieus Model, These Wind Turbines Work the same way Horizontal Wind turbines work, the wind moves the rotor, that turn then connects to the generator, which creates mechanical energy which in turn creates wind turbine’s ability to generate Electricity. To make These Mobile would require multiple types of these “Mobile Generators” For Ground, Sea and Air, Preferable Low atmosphere, Wind in high atmosphere can go up to 400 miles per hour, risking damage to said turbine. All terrain Wind turbines Would possibly require to be miniaturized for weight concerns, and attached to some other large vehicle, possibly a truck. Waterborne Turbines usually are extremely large, so One day re purposing Oil platforms for a more environmentally sound purpose, IE using them for maintenance of the large amounts of Offshore wind turbines and Solar Panels Would be beneficial for both the environment and the Jobs of People who work on oil platforms.

Entry 2: Wind and Hydro Power.

Today I learned that Wind and Hydroelectric power have already been Combined to great effect Throughout Europe , and hopefully soon, the US as well will follow. These 2 work so well because There are examples of wind power being used in places like hydroelectric dams. I wonder if there’s a way i can add this to my design.

Renewable Energy Designing

I am Planning to design a new way to harvest Renewable energy in a safe way for the planet. I plan on Doing this by designing a machine that incorporates Hydroelectric, Solar, and wind power all in one machine. This will be Difficult because each energy type requires it’s own needs to generate power. Water, Wind, Ect. I am going to be leaving out Nuclear energy For reasons such as Size, maintenance and possible dangers.